Why You Need This Active USB-C Gen 2 Ultra Long 3m Cable Right Now

 why you need this active usb-c gen 2 ultra long 3m cable right now

The wait is over, presenting the world’s first extended-length Active USB-C Gen 2 cable that goes a full 3m / 9.8ft. This cable from Cable Matters retains full 10Gbps data transfer capability and power delivery at extended distances.

USB-C Gen 2 cables, otherwise known as USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type C, is quickly becoming the new industry standard. If you are not using them yet, you are surely missing out on a ton of convenience. With this new Cable Matters USB-C Gen 2 Active powered cable, you can connect your computer to deliver 4K video, 10Gbps data transfer, and power delivery to multiple devices.
Begone messy cable

For many gamers, having a clean and well-organized cable layout is important within the computer case, but what about outside of the case? When USB-C and Thunderbolt cables arrived, it took care of exterior cable management by daisy-chaining of multiple devices, without each device connecting back to the main computer.

While it was great on paper back then, the technology was not quite ready for distances greater than 0.5 to 1m in cable length. Previously, you would need to choose between either distance or fast transfer, moving devices closer just to maintain that fast data transfer, or being way too close to that big 4k display. Now you can have both!

Ultra-long active cable

At a full 3m / 9.8ft in length, the Cable Matters USB 3.1 Gen 2 Active 3m cable will allow you to design your work and gaming space exactly the way you want it with full transfer speeds. Using Active powered IC technology, this cable is able to maintain and amplify the data signal with perfect reliability, over a longer distance than a passive USB-C cable.


- Thunderbolt 3 compatible including MacBook Pro
- 4K video connectivity with HDR 10-bit color
- 10G Rated (Up to 10Gbps at 10 Feet) 2x more speed than USB 3.0
- Active Chipset technology with 3m length surpasses Passive USB-C cables which are limited to 1m

4K Displays

Now you can finally fix the problem of having that mid-air dangling cables that connect to your fancy 4k display. With a full 3m in length, you can run the cable along more ideal routes to greatly increase aesthetics.

External Storage

Have a nice Hard Drive enclosure/NAS for streaming or file backup? Now you can declutter your immediate area by placing the storage devices much further away from your main computer area. And besides, nobody likes having the hot exhaust from your storage drives blowing back into your PC.

Secondary Devices Docking Station

If you have a whole bunch of small devices and drives that need charging or connecting on a regular basis, you certainly do not want to clutter up your keyboard area with all of them. Simply use the Ultra Long 3m cable with a Cable Matters Hub Station to declutter your computer area, and create a remote location for full high-speed and power delivery connectivity.

Cables of the future

With this brand-new cable solution from Cable Matters, you will be prepared for the future as more devices flock to the USB-C standard. Finally no more compromises, just pure high-speed performance.
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