Which Oculus Quest 2 USB-C cable do you need?

Which Oculus Quest 2 USB-C cable do you need?

Oculus is going wireless and it's not turning back. With the sunset of its Rift line of PC-connected headsets, it's going all-in on its inside-out tracking, internal-processing wireless headsets, starting with the upcoming Oculus Quest 2. With a higher resolution display with improved audio and processing capability, this headset doesn't need a connection to a high-end PC at all. It is a self-contained VR experience in a lightweight headset.

But you still need an Oculus Quest 2 charging cable. An Oculus Quest 2 USB cable comes as standard with the headset, but that doesn't support the Oculus Link which requires a high-quality USB C cable capable of supporting superspeed data and power. Connecting an Oculus Quest 2 to your gaming PC with Oculus Link cable unlocks even greater gaming performance and even more beautiful VR experiences.

For that purpose, you need a high-quality USB-C cable. Cable Matters has an excellent solution.

What are the benefits of an Oculus Quest 2 to PC cable?

Like its predecessor, the Oculus Quest 2 is predominately designed to be used as a standalone headset, with no need at all for external processing or tracking. That doesn't mean it can't benefit from the former, though.

By using a high-quality, active USB-C connection you can turn your Oculus Quest 2 into a PC spec VR headset, which, if you have the right CPU and graphics card for the job, unlocks amazing performance potential. That can lead to more consistent frame rates in the kinds of games you already play, as well as support for higher detail settings.

It also gives you access to an even more expansive game library. There are hundreds of PC exclusive VR games that were originally designed for the Oculus Rift. Many of those can be played on the Oculus Quest 2 if you connect it to your PC. That makes using an Oculus Quest 2 cable the ideal way to appreciate the full capabilities of your new VR headset, and enjoy a greater array of games than ever before.

The best Oculus Quest 2 cable

An Oculus Quest USB C cable needs to be both high-quality and capable. Excellent shielding prevents degradation of the signal, and an active connection using a re-driver chipset helps the cable reach greater lengths, making it easier to enjoy room-scale VR experiences while still tethered to your PC.

The active cables supporting Oculus Link come in 5 meters and can be found on Cable Matters: