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Cable Matters introduces 60 GHz Wireless Docking Stations with WiGigTechnology and USB-C

Southborough, Massachusetts - June 1, 2016 – Cable Matters announced two new wireless docking stations equipped with 60 GHz WiGig technology. These innovative wireless Gigabit docking stations, powered with an Intel® WiGig chipset, support notebooks from major PC manufacturers equipped with WiGig technology.

The Basic WiGig Docking Station offers a wireless connection to an HDMI display and 4 USB peripherals. The Hybrid WiGig Docking Station offers a wireless connection to an HDMI display, a DisplayPort display, 4 USB peripherals, Gigabit Ethernet, and audio. The Hybrid model also offers a wired USB-C connection for both charging and data transfer. After the initial connection to the WiGig Dock, it will automatically recognize and connect your computer. The Cable Matters WiGig Docking Stations are expected to be shipped in September of 2016.

WiGig Background

WiGig is a wireless standard specified by the IEEE 802.11ad protocol that operates at the 60 GHz frequency band. It utilizes beamforming technology to reduce congestion and offer data transfer rates up to 7 Gbps to multiple devices. WiGig technology offers 11 times the transfer speed of current Wi-Fi Wireless N equipment. Utilizing the un-cluttered 60 GHz frequency band, it is much less susceptible to interference than the common 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz bands. It is designed for instant docking within a limited range for in-room wireless communication. WiGig wireless technology continues to be adopted by notebook, tablet, and smartphone manufacturers.

Wireless Docking Just Got Real with Intel® Wireless Gigabit Technology

Maximize your mobile-to-desktop productivity with simple and seamless wireless docking. The Cable Matters WiGig Docking  Station powered by Intel® auto-docks when you arrive and auto-disconnects when you leave. No more connecting cables to today's computers with sleeker designs and fewer ports.

Wired or Wireless

“We are focused on delivering the widest range of connectivity options to our customers,” said Jeff Jiang, President of Cable Matters. “With the introduction of these WiGig Docking Stations, we are offering both a wireless Gigabit solution for new release notebooks, tablets, and smartphones with WiGig wireless technology and a wired solution for devices with USB-C ports.”

About Cable Matters

Cable Matters is a market leading provider of connectivity solutions for the B2B, B2C, and B2G technology markets. From the latest to legacy devices, and wireless to wired equipment, Cable Matters offers a complete line of cables, adapters, and networking products for the home, office, and data center. We offer first-class quality products, backed by exceptional customer service, at an affordable price. Established in 2009, Cable Matters serves markets in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Japan.

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