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molex to sata sata to molex 4 pin to sata sata power to molex sata to 4 pin sata power to 4 pin

molex to sata sata to molex 4 pin to sata sata power to molex sata to 4 pin sata power to 4 pin

(3 Pack) 4 Pin Molex to SATA Power Cable Adapter - 6 Inches
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SATA Power Shortage Solution

The Cable Matters 4-Pin Molex to SATA Power Cable Adapter is a handy addition to your toolbox when building, upgrading or repairing computers. It connects newer SATA internal hard drives, optical drives, and motherboards to a power supply with legacy LP4, 4-pin Molex connectors. Recycle older power supplies for repairs or replacements. Utilize the extra Molex ports on a power supply when the SATA ports are all occupied.

Cost-Effective 3-Pack

This convenient 3-Pack of Molex to SATA power cables provides spare or replacement cables for a last-minute installation.

Important Note

Supports 5V SATA drives (not 3.3V) and 12V ATX power supplies.

Legacy to Latest Power Connectors

- LP4 4-pin male Molex connector connects to the power supply

- 15-pin female SATA power connector plugs into a SATA drive

Flexible Computer Case Power Cable

- Flexible 18 AWG wires

- 6-inch length

Plug & Play Power

- Simple SATA power connection

- Fits a 15-pin male SATA power port

12V ATX Power Supply

- LP4 Molex to power supply cable

- Designed to power a hard drive

SATA Power Provider Cable

- SSD, HDD, optical drive power

- SATA data cable is sold separately

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