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[UL Listed] (6-Pack) Cat 6A / Cat6A Shielded Metal RJ45 Keystone Jacks
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10 Gig Network Solution

The Cable Matters shielded metal RJ45 Keystone Jacks are the perfect choice for a complete Cat 6A shielded 10 Gigabit network system. The standard keystone face size fits patch panels or wall plates with standard keystone blanks for use with 23-26 AWG solid or stranded, shielded STP/FTP cable. The 110-type terminations are color-coded with both T568-A and T568-B wiring schemes. Included IDC caps offer tool-free or impact tool termination options.

180 Degree Shielded Security in a Cost-Effective 6-Pack

This 180-degree shielded keystone jack is designed for sensitive or harsh environments that demand security with protection against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) and alien crosstalk. A seamless metal construction with an integrated silencing cylinder and gold-plated contacts provide superior Cat 6A performance up to 10 Gigabit.

PoE Plus Compliant

These keystone jacks are rated to support PoE Plus applications for connecting equipment such as a PoE IP camera or access point with power up to 30 watts.

180 Degree Design for 23 to 26 AWG Cable

1) Cone of Silence cylinder for cable strain relief

2) Labels for T568A and T568B wiring standards

3) IDC modules fit Krone or 110 impact tools

4) Metal jacket keystone for a shielded cable system

Secure Termination Options

5) 3-inch cable tie attaches to the cone cylinder

6) 110 or Krone tool termination cap

7) Tool-free termination cap

Shielded Cat 6A Applications

- Fits a standard keystone jack slot

- Terminate in a shielded patch panel

- Part of a shielded 10G network

Full Metal Jacket

- Gold-plated contacts

- Robust die-cast housing

- Superior crosstalk suppression

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Rating:(5 out of 5)Reviewer: CustomAVIntegrator08/23/2016 00:28:16
16 years in business and came a crossed quite a few brands of connectors. These are one of two shielded Cat6A jacks that I've used and had stayed with these for my last few jobs. When done punched down correctly, I had no issues with them at all, data signal and connection verification passed just fine with $1K network cable testing tool. Not sure how other reviewers are running into problems but I've simply strip outer jacket, cut off clear 2nd layer film, place wires on connector, manually punch down with Fluke punch tool, place plastic white cap, latch metal cover and snap into place, wrap grounding wire around end cover and secure with provide small zip tie. Using these with 1 ft shielded patch cables are a lot faster than making a shielded RJ45 connections. Used over 50+ of these jacks, purchased through Amazon, have not had a single problem with the right tools and know-how.
Rating:(1 out of 5)Reviewer: WIREPROGUY08/28/2014 21:10:27
The design of this connector must be one of the worst I have ever experienced. I am jot sure about the above reviewer saying the plastic will punch down the wires, you still need to punch them down. The wires need to pass through the plastic cover, but the matching cable matters wire outer jacket wont fit through. This causes you to have very short, confined space to space with extremely short wires to punch down. When you move the plastic so you can punch down the other side, the wires pull out! So it is a fight back n forth to keep it all connected.... then comes the issue that the metalshield jacket contacts the wires, causing shorts. It is difficult to reopen the metal tabs, if they dont snap. I would give this product 0 stars if I could. I cant imagine how Cable Matters did not do any testing.
Rating:(1 out of 5)Reviewer: Sushant08/16/2012 21:07:03
The toolless design is nothing short of horrible. The plastic cover used to "punch" down the pairs do not nick/expose the all of the twisted pairs to the keystone jack (it's a hit or miss thing). Tried about 6-8 jacks and was only able to successfully get proper connection on 2. Going to return the product and will order keystone jacks that require the punch down tool. Additionally, after you put the plastic cover that "punches the pairs in the jack, the extra wire is *not* stripped. Have to do it w/ plier (which does not give a clean look). This actually causes a short circuit w/ the jack enclosure.

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