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Reliable Power Options for Every Need

Tackle your next home project with Cable Matters’ line of power adapters, power cables, surge protectors, and wall outlets. Add USB charging to home outlets with USB-C charging wall outlets, protect valuable electronics with surge protectors, or extend your power choices with an extra long extension cord. Browse Cable Matters’ line of power cables below.

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Computer & Electronics Power Cords | Cable Matters
Power Cords
Buy Surge Protectors, Power Strips - 2, 3, 4, 6 Outlet | Cable Matters
Surge Protectors
Buy Electrical Outlets - Tamper-Resistant Receptacle, Duplex AC Outlet with USB Charging| Cable Matters
Electrical Outlets
Car Power Cords & USB Chargers | Cable Matters
Car Power
Buy RV / Generator Power Adapter Cords | Cable Matters
RV / Generator Cords
Buy Electronics Power Accessories :  Grounded Cube Wall Tap,  Light Bulb Adapter,  Duplex Electrical Receptacle Cover | Cable Matters

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