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dvi d to vga dvi d to vga DVI to VGA DVI-D to VGA 1080p monitor projector active display dongle

dvi d to vga dvi d to vga DVI to VGA DVI-D to VGA 1080p monitor projector active display dongle

Active DVI-D to VGA Male to Female Adapter - 10 Inches
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Upgrade Cost Saver

The Cable Matters Active DVI-D to VGA Adapter is the ideal solution for connecting the latest video graphics cards to existing displays with VGA input. Upgrade your computer tower without purchasing a new monitor.

Superior Construction in a Flexible Cable Adapter

The combination of gold-plated connectors with molded strain relief and foil & braid shielding provides a robust adapter that is built to last. This compact cable adapter has a flexible cable tail to reduce strain on the DVI-D port of your computer graphics card.

Important Notes

- Not Bi-Directional - Adapter only operates from DVI-D to VGA
- Not DVI-I Compatible - Operates only with DVI-D digital ports (DVI-D Single-Link or DVI-D Dual-Link)
- No Audio Support over VGA - Audio must be transmitted separately
- No HDCP Support - Viewing content protected video is not supported on analog VGA
- Compatible Video Resolution - Display must support a compatible resolution and refresh rate with the source

HD Video Resolution Support

Supports popular video resolutions including:

- 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024

- 1600x1200, and 1920x1200

Digital to Analog Converter Adapter

- Connect from a DVI digital port

- Connect to a VGA display

- Audio must be transmitted separately

Cable Adapter Specifications

- Input: DVI-D (18+1 pin) Single-Link

- Output: VGA (15 pin) HD D-Sub

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Rating:(2 out of 5)Reviewer: Robert Moran02/19/2017 13:48:43
It works with two of my four monitors, unfortunately not the one I want. The only difference between the monitors that work and the ones that do not is that the monitors that work have 5V on their VGA cable pin 5 and the ones that do not work have ground on pin 5( the VGA standard).

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