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  Why 8k Matters

Cable Matters Launches High Speed Cable & Adapter Products for Connecting an 8K TV or Monitor

- Are you ready for 8K video?


Southborough, Massachusetts, May 6,2019

Cable Matters®, an industry-leading supplier of connectivity solutions, announced new 8K additions to their line of ultra-high definition video cables and adapters. These new products support HDMI® 2.1 and DisplayPort™ 1.4 for 8K video resolution.

Does 8K Video Matter?

8K OLED TVs are currently for sale. These sleek 55-inch to 98-inch displays, with a wide viewing angle up to 160°,require the clearest contrast and color depths on such a large screen.Even with 4K content upscaled by the TV, the picture can be distorted if the video information is not transmitted quickly and accurately.

Bandwidth Bandwagon for Video Streaming& Gaming

4K video streaming boxes and high-end gaming consoles push the bandwidth limit of cables to a 4K UHD TV or an ultrawide gaming monitor. 8K-rated video cables and adapters can accommodate the extreme bandwidth demands of today’s 4K video including 7.1 surround sound audio and HDR high dynamic range color depth support. Gamers can eliminate distortion and lag when connecting a video graphics card to a high refresh rate 144Hz gaming monitor.

Performance Comparison: 8K technology provides the needed bandwidth for high-end 4K video applications

 Max Video Rating              Video Standard                Bandwidth Capacity

    •         4K                                HDMI 2.0                           18Gbs
    •         8K                                HDMI 2.1                           48Gbps
    •         4K                            DisplayPort 1.2                       18Gbps
    •         8K                            DisplayPort 1.4                    32.4Gbps

    Reliable Connectivity at Any Speed

    “We focus on delivering connectivity solutions to support the latest innovations in consumer electronics. 8K video is the next step for streaming video, gaming and video editing.We offer 8K cabling solutions for home theater equipment, videographics cards and computers with USB-C.”      - Jeff Jiang, President of Cable Matters

    Ready for Today & Tomorrow

    Shop for these 8K video cables and adapters at

  • DisplayPort 1.4 Cable (3, 6, 10 Feet)

  • USB-C to DisplayPort 1.4 Adapter

  • HDMI 2.1 Cable (6.6 Feet)

  • About Cable Matters

    Cable Matters, with headquarters in Southborough, Massachusetts, offers a complete line of cables,adapters, docking stations and networking products for the home,office, and data center. We offer first-class quality products, backed by exceptional customer service, at an affordable price. Established in 2009, Cable Matters serves markets in the U.S., Canada, UK, France,Germany, Spain, Italy and Japan.

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